NSP 11'0" Cocomat Cruise

The NSP Cruise is the most popular board in the NSP range and one of the most popular SUP’s in the world. Built with environmentally-friendly CocoMat technology, this one’s a looker too.

–  Cruising on waterways is one of the purest experiences in SUP.

–  Suitable for riders of all sizes and skill levels, the design features a wider nose and rounded square tail creating a stable platform with generous volume and easy turning.

–  The double concave bottom shape delivers glide that makes this a super stable and fun board on flatwater and in small waves.


NSP 12'6" Performance Touring Elements

The Elements Performance Touring – Explore what’s around the next corner and the next – paddle further, paddle faster in all conditions!

What is SUP touring?
SUP Touring entails paddling for longer distances at a moderate pace without taking a break. If epic adventures (and core workouts) excite you, then SUP touring is going to be your next hobby. The best touring boards have a wider template to float more weight and additional gear. Most touring SUPs have a distinctly pointed nose, setting them apart from conventional shapes:

The NSP Performance Touring range incorporates NSP’s race-winning design elements for an exceptional glide with touring-specific features. If you like to venture out on the water and put some miles on, this is your board.

– Flattened nose and tail deck areas for gear loading, plenty of insert points for attaching your gear with nose and tail bungee plus FCS insert for attaching a GoPro or GPS.

– Added volume in the nose to support heavy payloads and to ride over chop easily.

– Paddlers will appreciate the great tracking and superior handling in crosswinds.


Surftech 11'6" Sport Touring Escape TEKEFX

Excellent in both chop and flatwater, the Sport Touring TEKefx is ready for whatever our excursion entails. With good stability, glide, efficiency and speed, it has outstanding ocean performance, but would also be fitting for a smoother day on the lake. Designed with the same shape as the AST model, the TEKefx version has vibrant blue or green graphics, classic bamboo veneer, and a high gloss finish that keeps this board looking good over time. The included tie-downs can secure all your gear, so pack it up and go spend the entire day on the water.


Surftech/prAna - Alta Ho - Air Travel

The Air-Travel Alta introduces two unique graphics, with women specific lengths and shapes to the Surftech Air-Travel lineup. These models provide any type of paddler with the best option for their recreational and touring adventures. The Surftech inflatable boards combine progressive outlines, strategically placed handles and fin boxes, an integrated DeckPad, high pressure valve, and the most advanced drop stitch technology to create one of the most lightweight inflatable compact travel partners. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: 3/4 DeckPad / Alta’s with Bloom Foam Deck tie downs Padded handle Drop stitch material Backpack bag, pump, fin and repair kit


Included Accessories: Backpack Bag, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit

Length: 10'0"

Width: 32"

Thickness: 6.0"

Volume: 304L


Surftech - Pleasure Craft - Air Travel

The longer Pleasure Craft Air-Travel features a progressive outline, strategically placed handles and fin box, integrated DeckPad, high pressure valve, and the most advanced drop stitch technology to create an ultimate adventure board. ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Deck tie downs Padded carry handle Drop stitch material Backpack bag, pump, fin and repair kit.


Included Accessories: Backpack Bag, Pump, Fin, Repair Kit

Length: 12'6"

Width: 32"

Thickness: 6.0"

Volume: 319L


Surftech -LIDO - Utility Armor

The Lido Stand Up paddleboard, constructed in UTILITY ARMOR, has a larger volume and full rails allowing paddlers to float with ease in flat-water and small chop. The EPS foam, high-quality fiberglass, epoxy resin, reinforced rails, and molded Utility Armor shell makes the Lido extremely durable SUP for rental facilities, beginners and families. The Lido also features a full deck pad with cutouts, which reduces weight, deck tie downs, an integrated rental/ ledge handle for more comfortable carrying plus security, and a extra large security/leash plug providing two points to lock this board. IF YOUR LOOKING FOR HIGH QUALITY, DURABLE, and STABLE SUP. This is the Best SUP for you.

Length: 10'6"

Width: 32"

Thickness: 5.0"

Volume: 236L


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