Phase 5 - Scamp

The Scamp is designed with the youngest riders in mind. It has a nice wide profile which makes the board stable and fast. It has a 1/2” premium foam core that provides the rider with exceptional float yet maintains excellent rail sensitivity for ease of turning and pumping. The Scamp comes with a tri-fin set up loaded with 1” fakie fins on the side and a 2” center fin. This configuration provides the rider with a good balance of drive/hold in the face of the wave and free enough to move the board around. Not too tight, not too loose. Ready to go where the rider takes it. These characteristics make the Scamp the ultimate grom board in providing a great platform to learn the basics while providing the performance to progress to the next level.


Size: 45" × 19.8" × .5"  

Volume: 6 Liters  

Height Range: 4’5″ – 5’5″

Wt Limit: 120 Lbs.



Phase 5 - Hammerhead

The Hammerhead is Drew’s Brainchild. He wanted a board he could ride backwards so we made this one suit his needs. Many novice and advanced riders have achieved great success on this board in its first season. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, the Hammerhead doesn’t care which end is in front. The advantages of this profile are many. It performs in reverse, it adds valuable extra area to land on when returning from orbit and it allows for a shorter board to be ridden by several inches. The wide square tail is a gas peddle under foot and “Pops” freely at will. The extra “leadrail” running into the square nose enables the board to hold a line on the wave with little slip when landing tricks. So now it’s easier to chain all those tech tricks you’ve been working on. Hammerhead has GatorSkin™ armor for its outer shell, comes with a single 1” fin and P5’s Diamond Groove traction pads. With Hammerhead, a little luck and a lot of practice you might be able to ride like Drew.


Sizes: 50" (Up to 175 lbs)

           53" (Up to 200 lbs)

           55" (Up to 225 lbs)



Phase 5 - Hammerhead LTD

The Hammerhead LTD offers you the high performance ride that you have come to expect with this board. This time we left the Gatorskin off and from square nose to squared tail we wrapped it with our Cudaskin™, then an inlaid carbon fiber stringer and topped off with a layer of Technora. WIth a solid color bottom this board will turn heads on your lake all day long.


This is a LIMITED Edition board, only available through select retailers while supplies last

Sizes: 50" (Up to 175 lbs)

           53" (Up to 200 lbs)

           55" (Up to 225 lbs)


Phase 5 -Matrix

The Matrix is one of our most unique boards. It sports a thinner core and a single to double concave bottom with the V-Spline tail. It is glassed super light using our Gatorskin™ technology. This is a full epoxy board. The result is a very responsive, trick friendly platform to work the wave. This board has become a favorite for ocean skim boarders making the transition to the boat. Don’t waste time, Enter the Matrix.

Sizes: 51" (Up to 160 lbs)

           53" (Up to 190 lbs)

           56" (Up to 225 lbs)



Phase 5 - MVP

We stepped out of the box with the MVP designed by John Akerman. The MVP has a brand new design elemnt not found in another board from P5, Rail Grab Channels. The advantages are clear. It allows the rider a spot to grab onto when executing airs. We kept the Matrix outline for the MVP but John desired to have a thicker core to have more float and forgiveness. The MVP is definitely it’s own animal and it keeps John pushing the limits of the sport.


Sizes: 50" (Up to 170lbs)

           53" (Up to 200 lbs)



Phase 5 - Diamond CL

Tried and true wakesurf design. A best selling shape every year.


The Diamond CL is based off our tried and true Diamond shape. The full tail when teamed up with P5’s speedy rocker keeps you riding off your back foot and makes it super fast for bigger airs. Built with our proprietary Composilite Construction that makes these boards extremely durable, they still perform at the highest level. Swap out the stock 2” fin for one of our smaller fins for the full skim style feel.

Every board comes in a variety of hand painted graphics and colors.


Sizes: 54" (Up to 200 lbs)

           57" (Up to 225 lbs)



Phase 5 - Trident

​The Trident is designed for the big guy on the boat. The winged moon tail and tri fin set up deliver a no slip, carve down the line ride. It’s a fun easy board to ride if you have the weight to control it. We do not recommend it for riders under 190lbs. Built with our super stiff carbon fiber, you can pass this onto your grandkids when they turn 35. The Trident is ready to give the bigger surfers the fun fast ride that Phase 5 is known to deliver.

Sizes: 60" (Up to 250 lbs)

Build Material: Carbon Fiber

Fin Setup: Thruster 2" Skim

Traction: Performance Skim


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